Welcome to the new

Grays Harbor Event Central! 

This site was started after carefully listening to businesses, consumers, performers/artists, and groups/organizations that repeatedly stated there was not a good place to find event listings in Grays Harbor. While there are a variety of calendars, there wasn't a single place dedicated to only events which was easy to use, searchable, and mobile friendly.

In response, the team at Graphically Deb decided to step up to the plate. After a great deal of research to ensure we didn't create just another calendar we found what seems to be the perfect solution. This new site offers not only an easy to use webpage that is very mobile friendly, but it also provides an easy to use app for one touch access to event information across the Harbor. By having both options we can serve those users that are app oriented, as well as those users that prefer to use webpages. Grays Harbor event central is easily searchable, and the app is customizable to event type preferences.